Protecting a client’s personal and financial data and safeguarding privacy is a key commitment that is highly prioritized.

Please review the following Privacy Policy which details clearly how XYTRONFX (“XYTRONFX”), collect, process, store and protect client’s data.

By opening an account, Client hereby grants consent to provide XYTRONFX permission to collect, process, and store personal information as specified in subsequent sections of the Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Information

XYTRONFX collects the needed information to facilitate the opening and safeguarding of accounts, providing relevant services, enabling transactions whilst protecting your privacy. Further to this point, XYTRONFX gathers your information and may in prescribed circumstances, gather due diligence materials from related banks and/or credit agencies and/or other resources in order to aid us in profiling your requirements and preferences whilst providing top tier services to you.

Information XYTRONFX may collect includes:

1.    Application Materials

This can include information provided on applications including name, address, date of birth, income source, and income.

2.    Transaction Data

This can include information about your transactions with us and our affiliates.  Transaction data can also detailed information about our client communications including account activities and status, transaction history, and contact with the firm.

3.    Verification Credentials

This can include information essential to verification of client identity with documents like a passport or driver's license. This also includes client background information and due diligence conducted utilizing public records or from other entities not affiliated with XYTRONFX.

Personal Information Usage/Opt Out

XYTRONFX only utilizes personal information provide clients with secured, quality services. These details help XYTRONFX improve service offerings, customize user experience and enable sharing of additional products related products, services or promotional materials relevant to client’s interest coupled with the required products and services.  Client consents to the company using data for such purposes.

If you do not want to receive information of this nature for any reason, please contact us at the following address:

Although clients are not required to provide XYTRONFX any personal information that the firm may request please note that noncompliance can result in XYTRONFX being unable to open an account or provide clients with the required services.

Until notified by the client, XYTRONFX keeps detail records of client information but asks that should personal details such as address or other pertinent details change, the client assists by updating the firm.

Protecting Personal Information

Personal details provided by clients in connection with registration as a user of the Site is protected by the Firm.  Information provided during registration can be accessed through a client selected password.  The Site is encrypted and passwords generated by the client should not be revealed to any other parties.

Personal information submitted during the registration process is securely stored on XYTRONFX servers, solely accessible by authorized personnel and requiring verification measures. The Firm keeps all personal information encrypted and takes all the required steps to prevent unauthorized parties from viewing or collecting said information.

Partners & Affiliates

XYTRONFX may choose to share relevant information with partners, affiliates and strategic associates in the event such information is reasonably required to provide such items that may include:

offering additional or similar products and services that meet client needs and are provided in such a way that is useful and relevant (only where clients have provided have previously provided authorization);
better servicing client accounts;
aiding the Firm’s trading services.

Non-Associated Third Parties

XYTRONFX does not under any circumstances market, sell, license, lease or disclose personal information to non-affiliated third parties, except as prescribed in this Privacy Policy.

XYTRONFX does reserve the right to disclose information as necessary for due diligence, credit reporting as is reasonably required in order to provide services to clients.

XYTRONFX may choose to engage third parties to help carry out certain internal processes such as account dispensation and management, client services, client questionnaires or other data aggregation activities relevant to the Firms provision of service. Use of shared information may also be utilized for discerning legal, professional, or accounting recommendations to XYTRONFX. Use of information is strictly limited to the implementation of the above and is in no way permissible for any other purposes. Any third parties XYTRONFX shares personal information with is required to provide adequate protections to ensure the safeguarding of such personal information in accordance with all relevant legislation. XYTRONFX will under no circumstances share personal information with third parties which cannot provide the level of protection XYTRONFX deems necessary to protect client interests and assets.

In a case where a client has been introduced to us by an introductory broker or other strategic partner, in these circumstances a partner may have access to client information. The client hereby unambiguously and unequivocally consents to sharing such information with the aforementioned partners.

The client acknowledges that in order to be provided services, it may be necessary for client information to be transferred outside of the European Economic Area and the client consents to such transfer and measures.

Regulatory Disclosure

XYTRONFX reserves the right to disclose personal information provided to the firm to third parties where required by regulatory bodies, law bodies, law enforcement agencies or other government authorities of a competent jurisdiction. These types of disclosures shall occur on a ‘need-to-know’ basis, unless under receipt of differing instructions by a regulatory body or other relevant governmental authority.  Under herein defined circumstances, the Firm shall swiftly inform the third party of the confidential nature of the collected client information.

Restriction of Responsibility

XYTRONFX will not be held responsible for the privacy policies or content of sites may choose to link to and has no control over the use or protection of information collected by those sites or provided by clients. Whenever a client selects to follow a link to a co-branded web site or to a linked web site, a client may be asked to provide registration details or other personal information. Please note that in such a case, information that is recorded by a third party will only be governed by the specific privacy policy belonging to the third party.

Use of Cookies

XYTRONFX utilizes cookies in order to secure client trading activities while enhancing the performance of the website. Cookies employed by XYTRONFX do not contain personal information or other sensitive client details.

XYTRONFX may elect to share site usage statistics with respected advertising companies and with marketing companies affiliated with the firm. Information collected by marketing and advertising entities is not personally identifiable.

To manage and advance the site, XYTRONFX may elect to use third parties to track and analyze client usage and statistical volume information. The third party may employ cookies to track client behaviors and may position cookies on behalf of XYTRONFX. The cookies placed do not contain any personally identifiable data.

Privacy Policy Updates

Periodically, XYTRONFX may choose to update this Privacy Policy. In the event XYTRONFX materially amends this Privacy Policy including how the Firm collects, processes or uses client’s personal information, the modified Privacy Policy will be displayed on the site. Clients agree to accept display of an amended Privacy Policy electronically on the web site as actual notice to Client. Disputes arising over the Firm’s Privacy Policy is subject to this notice and the Firm’s Client Agreement. XYTRONFX suggests and urges Clients to periodically review this Privacy Policy so the Client knows and understands what not only what information XYTRONFX aggregates, but also how XYTRONFX utilizes it, and to whom XYTRONFX may disclose this information.


I have read, understood and agree to the aforementioned Privacy Policy, and I confirm that I have the full power and authority to enter into said Agreement.

For any other questions please contact the team.


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